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My passion for music came from my years growing up in a musical family.  I found a specific love of composing and arranging. I was accepted into the Indiana University school of music, studied arranging and orchestration, and promptly decided I did NOT want a musical career.  I enjoy music as a hobby.

So, here's a few highlights of what I've done since!

CHOSEN: The Passion Meditation

a One Act Rock Opera​

This rock opera has been performed in two different years.

Sound clip:

Newspaper writeup:

Billy Joel's music has influenced my playing

style since I was young.  I had a chance to 

jam out on a few songs onstage, so here's

a rendition of "Only The Good Die Young".

Over the years, I was “Billy Goat” in the Billy Goat Blues band, played in a 90’s alt-rock band, and even spent a year playing piano with a comedy improv group – what a hoot.


I also had the privilege of serving as a worship leader for my local church for many years!

CHOSEN: The Passion Meditation CD Cover
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