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My career has been singularly focused on customer-centric marketing. 


I've led engagements with some of North America's largest brands in both B2B and B2C to unleash the transformational power of customer information.

This means utilizing technology to identify customers across many touchpoints, and bringing together offline transactions, online behaviors, and third party information to create real-time profiles.  Advanced predictive analytics drive communications strategy and efficiency.  Technology, analytics, marketing strategy, and multi-channel deployment work together to drive today’s customer experience.  I pioneered the concept of Customer Intimacy and implemented the Customer Management Platform, a multi-channel customer engagement management system.


My time at CAC Group involved building and managing different companies over time.  This includes a pure-play customer analytics company, a database services company (third party data, customer identity, database technology), loyalty program analytics, and a Marketing Service Provider (MSP).


Today’s organizations are full of specialists, especially in IT and technology, as well as marketing.  What most brands lack, however, is someone who has a customer-centric vision, to bring all of the resources of an organization to have informed, anticipated customer engagement. 


That’s where I come in.  A seasoned senior executive who can build and shape a vision that drives superior financial growth for a brand, and brings the best out of tech, analytics, and marketing.


Brands know a lot about their products.  They understand their distribution system. Very few, however, understand their customers with the same sense of importance.

There is little technical challenge in compiling and analyzing customer data.  The dirty secret is that marketers struggle with what to do with the information.


Career Highlights

CEO, CAC Group / Cogensia

From solo consultant in 2002 to a best-in-class, award-winning data analytics provider with over 30 employees.


Served as Vice Chairman

EVP & COO, InfoWorks / Rapp Collins

I spent five years in the marketing and advertising agency world, running Omnicom's advanced analytics company, with offices across North America.

MBA, The University of Michigan

Finance and Corporate Strategy.


Past President's award for best overall marketing.


Award winner, and served on the Board of Governors.

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