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I believe that individuals and organizations who have an ability to support their communities should be involved in improving the lives of those around them.  For me, this has always meant directly serving the community.

Spiritual Community

Faith has always been a big part of my life.  Jesus is my Savior, and I am a work in progress!  My local church is a source of strength and support, as well as an organization that serves in our local community, and around the world!


Over the years, I have served in various roles:

  • Church School Board (6 years)

  • Governing Board, including Chairman for 2 years

  • Worship Band Leader, 8 years


My church started a sister church in a South African township 30 years ago.  I was fortunate to be able to visit there several times.  As part of these trips, I co-started a micro-lending fund, where individuals in the outer townships don't  have access to traditional credit.  Individuals can borrow money to start their small business, up to a point where they qualify for loans from a bank.  This allowed individuals to build or grow their businesses in support of their local community. 

Serving through Foundation


Over the past seven years, our non-profit foundation, Cogensia Cares, has supported organizations around the world, and close to home.  Some examples:

  • Homes of Hope orphanage in India, supplied beds and supplies

  • Smile Train, supporting over 50 surgeries

  • Build a Home for our Troops

  • Supported over 10 local food banks during summer 2020

  • Served in support of Special OIympics Illinois

  • Many others over the years!!

There was a need for visioning and accomplishing tangible activities to prepare for the coming decades of change in education and worship.  

Our foundation supports local,  national, and international charities by donating our time and talent to help improve the human condition.

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