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Brad Rukstales


It’s always been important to me to lead with integrity, honesty, and authenticity. 


People who know me know that I have many passions in life.  I’ve enjoyed being a business leader, where I parlayed my marketing statistics and business consultant career into building a powerhouse marketing services provider, with a team of brilliant and dedicated individuals, midwestern values, and a commitment to excellence, ethics, and community. 

It’s also been important to me to control my own destiny.   Over almost 20 years, I’ve never accepted investments from any outside entity, yet continued to grow and invest in the business.  We’ve had great years, we’ve had tough years, but a commitment to excellence and to always drive forward brought us through it all.  


I also believe in helping those who need a hand up.  I’ve been personally involved in philanthropy in many places around the world, and have had a foundation that supports local, national, and international needs.  It’s good for the soul to support our fellow beings.

This desire to help others comes from a faith in God and trusting Him in all things.  This faith and commitment to God has seen me through many dark periods in life.  I of course confess I fall short daily in my spiritual life, but my faith keeps me strong and certain.  I also enjoy music, from rock-n-roll to orchestra.  I enjoy composing and also banging away on my piano.

I have been blessed with a full life.  I also have been blessed to share this life with my intelligent, thoughtful beautiful wife, and my two talented daughters.  When the waves get tall, hold on to family. 

Feel free to look around, and thanks!

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