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8: What a mess

After the 2020 election, the republic had a big mess on its hands.

I could try to note which states had which issues, what is in the thousands of affidavits, and the video "evidence" of actions A, B, or C. That, of course, opens me up to criticism of item X or case Y, and I'm not a lawyer nor investigative journalist. Since I'm sharing my personal journey with you, I will focus on the mega-themes (or are they MAGA-themes?) of the time period between the election results and the Electoral College acceptance.

Firstly, and I think most importantly for all to understand, there's not a single Trump supporter that I have ever seen, met, viewed from afar, or heard from who has had any interest whatsoever of overturning a fair and free election. Not one. This is the biggest lie that our country has been told - that we all wanted to overtake a duly elected presidency. This of course, should have been obvious to every American, but again, with the media as the enemy of the people, they lie, and their brethren in big tech censor. I know that in my first post of my journey, I stated I would only speak for me and my experience. However, I am very comfortable on this one and on solid footing. There has not been one defendant who has stated in court documents (that I'm aware of) who has said they knew Trump lost legitimately but they wanted to change the result. No one at the capitol was there because they knew in their hearts and minds that Biden won and that result cannot stand. If this isn't sinking in, please re-read this paragraph until it does.

Secondly, the logic of the comparison between Obama '08 election results, compared with Biden/Trump '20, discussed in my last post, was never provided. This should have been a topic of national discussion, with pollsters, pundits, and analysts weighing in with county-level analysis. The fact that this was still hanging out there, for me, was a signal.

Thirdly, the insane statement that it was the most secure election in history, without proof, was absorbed by the media. In fact, the Democrat party and their media outlets called it "The Big Lie." Ah hem. When someone who may have cheated to win an election tells you that it's a lie, and then people are censored who have potential proof, one is not stupid to point out that this is exactly how propaganda works. There are talking points embraced daily across the Democratic politico-media-tech landscape, and it is repeated. Ad nauseum. Note: This does not make it true, just repeated. This is gaslighting. It is everywhere. You will recall from a prior post of mine that I stated the biggest problem in our elections: They are designed to not be audited. They cannot easily be audited.

Fourthly, affidavits were presented from in-the-room poll workers explaining lack of custody, unusual voting procedures, machines accessing the internet, and files changing on systems. These were presented to states by the impotent legal team from the Trump campaign. Why the campaign didn't have a team of 100 lawyers working prior to the election at state levels is beyond me. Affidavits are testimony under oath. These were and are real documents. Would they prove anything? I dunno. States did nothing with these findings, for the most part.

Fifthly, the courts refused to look at almost any lawsuit. Regardless of state or federal jurisdiction, lawsuit after lawsuit was dismissed for "lack of standing". The Texas lawsuit, which was a long shot, was shot down. This stated that the rights of citizens of one state are infringed if there is fraud in another state. Makes sense to me. The public was again gaslit about how this lawsuit was seeking to overturn the most "secure election in history". It was hogwash.

Every avenue seemed to end at a moment of complete disinterest on the part of the officials involved. Was there corruption? Are they showing true colors, that they would rather have a swamp veteran Biden, over a maverick like Trump? I am sure there could be ramifications (actual, mental, financial, and even physical) for going up against Leviathan. Between the use of overt pressure via Antifa or other violent actors, and covert pressure such as potential personal lawsuits, threats to family, and perceived loss of any political future, it is not unreasonable to believe that good people would not risk their family's lives and future for Trump. As Trump has said, the swamp is DEEP.

Millions of us could see that our country was being stolen. More than half the country had been gaslit into believing that it was completely legitimate. Many of these people likely still believed that Trump's initial election in 2016 was illegitimate. These individuals had no capacity to explore actual information. No capacity to weigh competing and conflicting facts. We were told that "there is no evidence of widespread fraud and no court has found any". If I don't look for any fraud, I can say I did not find any. If I don't look for my 1986 High School yearbook, it's true to say I didn't find it. In a related note, there was not widespread fraud. There is, however, quite a bit of evidence that very specific areas, those that impacted the election, had serious irregularities, with documents, videos, and whistleblowers who were ignored.

It seemed to come down to the federal acceptance of and certification of all of the electors on January 6. While it would be novel, the Vice President, who presents the electors to a joint congress assembly, could refuse to seat all electors, specifically from states where the state legislature had voiced concerns over their state's electors. The second approach would involve one senator and one representative challenging the electors in a state. In that case, each chamber would meet independently for two hours to review the evidence and have a simple majority vote. This would enable discussions of voter irregularities that were not given visibility in the corporate media.

There were announcements to convene in Washington DC on January 6 to be present during these final deliberations. We were hopeful that there was a well-thought-out plan to protect the republic, and allow all Americans to see all evidence. From an election that could not be audited.


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